The Business Intelligence dashboards offer interactive data visualisations, for simple analysis of often complex and vast data sets. These are sophisticated business intelligence dashboards that allow users to look at key performance indicators in an interactive graphical form. The power is in the ability to slice and filter the data to present exactly what you want, in just a few clicks.

There really are no limitations as to what data can be presented within the dashboards, so our product will be constantly evolving to show you your energy data in this simple and intuitive way.

Note. Based on your current product subscription, you may see a number of the below dashboards. If you see something of interest that is not part of your current subscription, please speak to your account manager.


Row Level Security

The Energy.Hub’s advanced business intelligence tools have been updated with Row Level Security, opening up access to users with specific group allocations.  In short, once you have a group of sites assigned to a user, you can grant them access to the advanced business intelligence dashboards, where they will only see their portfolio data.
This is really great for those customers serving their customers through the Energy.Hub, providing more powerful data insights.

Please Note: Once you have changed the user permissions for different BIs, the BI will refresh and it may not be available for a maximum of 30 minutes. This is due to our security checks, we want to make sure all the customers have only access to the data for which their permissions are configured.

Please see the section dedicated to the BIs present in the system if you want to know more regarding each of them. Please find list below.