Utilidex has a page dedicated for you to track your budget and analyse the most important data in it. Navigate to Budgets >> Tracking Budgets.


This is made of three main sections:

  • Budget: This is the Hub’s estimated Cost and Consumption for the future.
    There are two main values used when calculating Budgets:

    • Last year Consumption (this can sometimes have an uplift) (kWh)
    • Last year Energy Cost (£)

In this section you can view your estimated Energy Cost per month for one year. At the end, you can see the total cost, calculated from the sum of the each month’s value.


  • Tracking Budget: here you can find your actual values for Consumption and Cost.

In this section you can view your actual data per month for a one year time span, followed by the total amount. You can find the actual number of sites (MPANs), your volume (MWh) and your actual spend (£s). You can also view your accruals: these will be equal to 0 when the Volume is populated with real data, and will be equal to the Energy Costs shown above when the actual consumption is 0, meaning that accruals are only generated for future months forecasting.


  • Budget Statistics: here you can find a comparison between your actual budget and the one we estimated.

In this section you can view the average PPU and any variance in terms of costs and volume between the estimated and the actual budgets.