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Promote your organisations progress with real-time data using the shareable link


You can now generate a link under any Analytics Dashboard to share with your organisations internal tools or external partners to give a transparent view of your consumption or publicly promote your carbon achievements.  

You can generate the link by clicking the Actions Tab in the far right-hand corner and choosing Generate Link. A pop up window will appear where you will be able to choose how long you would like the link to be available for. The default is 90 days but you can choose up to 365 days.


Action to generate link


Clicking Generate will opt another pop up window where you can Extend the daysCopy the link or Delete the link. Pressing the icon to copy the link will copy the link’s URL to your clipboard. You can share this URL link with any external users, your website, and even social media platforms such as Yammer or LinkedIn (the possibilities are endless!).

Anybody with the link will be able to safely see the real-time data and hover over the graphs to see the actual numbers that are captured in the dashboard. This link does not allow anyone with access to change any information so no data can be altered or deleted. Once you generate a link, you will see a Blue Icon on the dashboard screen to indicate the dashboard has an active link.


Dashboard created by linkThis dashboard was generated by the shareable link.



Share Dashboards as PDF & Image

You can now share your dashboards with your connections, by simply downloading this as PDF or image!  You can now download your dashboards as PDF or Image, ready to be sent through email or shared within your intranet.  Simply click on Actions on the top right corner of the dashboard and decide if you want to download the dashboard a Portrait PDF, Landscape PDF or Image.  Please see below the examples.



Download Dashboard as PDF

When you choose to download the dashboard as a portrait PDF, the system will automatically export your dashboard in a PDF.  All the widgets present in your dashboard at the moment of the download, will be present in the document.  Please see below the common characteristics of the PDF will have:

  • The title of the PDF will be: [Your company name] Newsletter
  • Date of the download
  • A brief description as follows: “Please see below the overview of the [your company name] [dashboard name] created for you by Utilidex. We think this dashboard contains useful information on your portfolio, we’d love to hear your thoughts!
  • Your company logo
  • Your company theme

Please see below an example of the portrait and landscape version of the PDF.




Share your dashboards within the Energy.Hub

The Analytics Dashboards can be customised and shared with different users too!  You can decide if making a dashboard public or only share this with specific users and allow them to make edits.  Read the article below if you would like to know more about how this new feature works!


View your Dashboard

You can view and choose the dashboards available to you through the dropdown present in the left side of the screen – please see red box. Please note that the dashboard that you will view when you will login in the Hub, will be the latest you visualized before logging out during your previous session.


Add New Dashboards

You can add new dashboards by clicking on the + button available on the right side of the screen. Once you decide to add a new dashboard, a window will appear from the right side of the screen as shown below.  You can decide the name of the dashboard and if this will be public (available to all users) or private (available to you or your chosen users).  Please note that you will need to enter a valid name for the new dashboard you are creating.


If you decide to share the dashboard with specific users, you can decide if they will be:

  • View only users – they will only be allowed to view the dashboard, without permissions to change anything
  • Can manage widgets – they will be allowed to change the widgets and filters in the dashboard, but not allowed to add or remove users
  • Can manage widgets and users – they will be able to modify widgets and filters as well as add or remove the users that can visualize the dashboard.


User Management

The possibility to add multiple dashboards can be enabled from the User management navigating to Settings > User Management > Manage roles for specific user roles. You can enable the following options:

  • Create a new dashboard
  • Add a public dashboard
  • Manage the users that can view a dashboard