The Invoice Tracker is a report whose main objective is to identify all those bills that have not been sent by the supplier and those meters that have not been billed for any given period.  This report shows the missing invoices and a cost estimate.  The Invoice Tracker makes sure that you are performing correct accounting and budgeting, and it helps reducing the risk of any bill shocks.

You can download the report by navigating to Reports > Generate Report > Validation > Invoice Tracker.  The report has the following filters:

  • Start/End Date
  • Supplier
  • Group
  • Commodity
  • Site

The report will dowload with 2 main tabs, a Summary Report and Detail Report as shown below.


Invoice Tracker Summary & Detail Report

The summary tab in the report gives an overview of those meters for which the user is missing any invoice. You can find information regarding the bill frequency for the specific meters, if this has passed validation (meaning if all invoices have been received or not), and if not, how many days of gap we have.  These will then be specified in the Detail tab, where you will be able to see the specific month for which we are missing data, and an estimate of the cost.  Please below an example of the report.


All of the entries will be shown in the detail tab, and you will be able to see which meters are passed, have a gap or are uninvoiced according to their specific billing cycle.  The table below explains what each flag means:

ID Term/Flag Explanation
1 Passed This means that we have received invoices for the entire month (e.g. 30 out of 30 days in a month have invoice data).
2 Gap This means that we have received invoices for part of the month (e.g. 15 out of 30 days in a month have invoice data).
3 Uninvoiced This means that we have not received any invoices for the month (e.g. 0 out of 30 days in a month have invoice data).



If we have a bill for a full month then this will be shown as Passed, if we have a full month bill missing then this will be shown as Uninvoiced, and if we have the bill for a partial month then this will be shown as Gap. The report is also showing the number of missing days, therefore, a Passed will have 0 days, Uninvoiced will have a number of days that is equal to the total days of the full month, and Gap will have the number of only the missing days and will always be less than the number of days for the full month. Please see example below:

Type Month Days
Passed Jan-20 0
Passed Feb-20 0
Uninvoiced Mar-20 31
Passed Apr-20 0
Gap May-20 21


Please note:  The report is distinguishing per account number/site reference, in order to make sure we are capturing all the invoices that should have been received.