The Energy.Hub has the ability to report on your key carbon reporting metrics simplifying the GHG and CRC reporting process. Both the CRC & GHG report then allows you to report in two different ways; one using billed consumption, the other using  a blend of the Hubs metered (where available) and billed consumption. The usual filters then apply where you can report on your entire portfolio, or by group and then select the date period.

To access the reports navigate to Reports>> Create Reports >> Compliance & ESOS.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG) – The GHG report allows you to track the key metrics required under the reporting regulation. It includes year to date consumption and cost by individual site and month, and tracks dynamically throughout the year. The following key metrics are captured: Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (kg CO2e), Nitrous Oxide (kg N2O), Methane (kg CH4).