You can make informed investment decisions by understanding your generation patterns. This feature needs to be enabled by API, if this is something you would benefit from reach out to your account manager to further discuss how to on-board your generation data.
You can analyse your generation data to see how much you have saved in financial and environmental terms. You can configure your generation assets from your Energy.Hub and then view your data within your Power BI.

To add the assets, you’ll need to navigate to the Sites >> View Site List >> Site CRM >> Overview tab, select Site Assets at the bottom of the page and Add Asset as shown in the screen capture below.

Select the options relating to your asset and select save.


Once the API is completed by the technical team, you can view your generation assets in your Business Intelligence Dashboard, by navigating to the Hub BI section and selecting Generation Analysis

From here you can answer questions such as:

  • What is my total consumption and how much has been produced by the generation asset, as a %, in kWh, CO2e & Cost
  • How is my generation performing in-line with expectations
  • What is my total site or portfolios generation Vs consumption