The Energy.Hub has the ability to report the energy consumed per square feet for the particular date range.  This report will show the annual consumption per unit site area for each of the sites available within the selected commodity and groups. It will also displays the ranking on the basis of energy consumed per unit site area (kWh/Sq Ft).

The Energy Cost per Square Feet report is perfect if you want to see your annual energy spend by site area and rank your energy cost with other sites within your portfolio.  This report gives you the possibility to compare your sites and understand which one is doing well with respect to expectations.

The report shows the energy spend for each of your sites, normalised using the site area for each site selected.

To access the report, navigate to Reports > Generate Reports > Analytics > Energy Consumed per Square Feet.

The report gives you the possibility to select the following filters:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Group
  • Commodity (Power/Gas)
  • Site