Advanced Budgets

Within the system users can use their purchase requirement, trades, market prices, and non-commodity cost to generate a budget.

  • Navigate to Budgets >> Summary >> Create New Budget. 

  • Fill out the Budget Summary, users must name the budget, select the group, and define start and end dates
  • When the budget is created, select view.


  • Then select Next in the Budget Summary Page, the workflow may take 2 to 3 minutes to create the budget.


  • On the forecasting page you can view the details of the budget and download the detailed forecast to excel. To update the numbers, select Re-copy forecasting.


  • The next page is the calculations, here users can view the PPU and annual cost, this can be downloaded by selecting “Download Costs”.


  • The final step is to finalise the budget by selecting lock budget. Users can also download the report package which contains all the previous reports.


  • Once the budget is locked, users can create a budget alert through the alerting workflow,
  • If you need to update the non-commodity costs used in the budget, go to Settings >> Product Settings >> Budget Settings. 
  • Here you can add different charge elements for each period per group and assign a rate.