Viewing and Creating New Baskets

The Energy hub allows you to create baskets and map them to specific sites and groups.

You can locate your list of baskets by navigating to Settings >> Data settings >>  Basket. For each basket, you can find information on:

  • Framework
  • Product
  • House
  • Commodity
  • Basket
  • Price calculation
  • Period – Start and end date
  • Activity (Active or Inactive Basket)


You can add a new basket by clicking on Add New Book/Basket in the top right corner of the page. A window will appear from the right side of the page, in which you can enter the specific information for the basket you want to create.


You can also decide to add Rollover Baskets to current baskets by clicking on “Add New Rollover Basket” on the bottom left corner of the page.  You can add up to three Rollover Baskets. Please note that in order to add Rollover Baskets, the first one have to be time-consecutive to the current basket, the second one must be time consecutive to the first rollover, and so on.  Please read more regarding Rollover Baskets below.


Rollover Baskets

Rollover baskets are essential in order to ensure an accurate purchase list generation & future roll over function.

As part of maintaining an accurate purchase list, users must ensure their basket allocation per meter is always up to date. While the basic basket functionality allows to update current baskets, the roll over functionality ensures the process of updating future baskets is automated.


Rollover Examples

There are a couple different ways to add roll over baskets. When approaching this the automated way, users will create and assign roll over baskets to existing current baskets.  This allows all meters assigned to the current basket, to roll over when the current period ends.

See example below:

Let’s say that 100 meters are assigned the “Active Basket 2021” for the period of 04/01/2021 – 31/03/22.

This “Active Basket 2021” has 2 roll over baskets assigned, which are the following:

  1. Roll Over Basket 2022 for the period of 04/01/2022 – 31/03/2023
  2. Roll Over Basket 2023 for the period of 04/01/2023 – 31/03/2024

By simply assigning the “Active Basket 2021” the user is ensuring the purchase list is accurate until 2024, when the final roll over basket runs out.

The manual way allows users to manually add the roll over baskets of their choice using the Sites>Update Baskets>Download Template functionality.  This will allow to update up to 3 future roll overs, in addition to the active basket.

Please note: the Update Baskets screen should not be used as a purchase list, due to file size limitations.

LIMITATIONS:  In terms of limitations, the system only allows users to add roll overs with dates that follow on. This means that users will not be able to have gaps between roll overs.  This ensures the purchase list data will always be present.


How to add baskets and rollover baskets

You can assign current active baskets to specific sites by navigating to Sites > Site CRM > Services tab > Baskets Information.  In order to change the current basket, you will need to unlock the screen, select the basket from the dropdown, and then click on the tick box next to the basket dropdown.  Please note that once the current basket has been updated, the rollover baskets will update as well.


You can update the basket assigned to specific sites/meters by navigating to Sites > Update Baskets > Actions > Download data > Update Baskets (Download the data for the specific groups and baskets) > Update the template > Re-upload > Push to live.

Please note that you can update the current and rollover baskets from the excel file by choosing between the options in the dropdown.  If you only populate the current basket, and leave the fields for rollovers, the system will automatically populate the rollover, given the fact that the options are available. Please note that if you populate the rollovers with baskets that are not time consecutive, then the system will raise a validation error when pushing to live.

You can also update baskets in bulk for single sites through Sites > Multiple Site Entry > Actions > Download data > Update > Re-upload > Push to live. Please note that through this method, you can only update current baskets, not rollovers.


Basket Report

You can download the Basket or Purchase List report navigating to Reports > Generate Report > Purchasing > Basket. 

This report gives you the basket summary for teh selected period and filters. It also flags any any outstanding queries on purchases. this will only show active basket for active customers for the selected period.